About Juliet


She was born one day before my 27th birthday on April 14th, 2013 at 7:57 am. Rainy and gloomy, my favorite kind of days. I was in active labor for about 12 hours and I pushed for exactly 1 hour and 15 mins. Almost everything I had in my “birthplan” went out the window. Not that I had one written down or anything but I had an idea. I wanted to go into labor on my own, didn’t happen. I went in for an induction at 41 weeks. I wanted to avoid Pitocin, didn’t happen as it was a part of the the induction. The only thing that happened that I had already anticipated was an epidural. I did my research. I talked to my OB, nurses, and anesthesiologists at work… I went into labor with an open mind. If I can handle it, I won’t get it. I couldn’t handle it. The pain was so intense I was having a hard time catching my breath between contractions. In the end, I am happy with my decision to get it.
I loved most of my labor, I loved the time Dave and I had before she came. We kept telling each other how awesome we were doing. From the day I found out we were pregnant Dave said he wouldn’t look while I was in labor, he said he would be too freaked out. But, when it came time my husband became a Dave I had never seen. He was the right amount of everything. I will never forget it, it’s the most euphoric feeling to become a mom. To look into the eyes of the little being that has been living inside of you. I’m still on cloud 9.

Juliet is now 6 weeks and I am loving every minute of being her mommy.


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