The Turning Tide

I have been so busy trying to get our new place in order that I haven’t had a chance to update this as often. We moved from my husband’s hometown of Rancho Cucamonga to Redlands and we are loving it. We loving having more room (we went from one to three bedrooms) and a yard for our Dusty to run around in. We moved when Juliet was 3 weeks old so it has been a slow process organizing and finding a place for everything, the term “everything is harder with a baby” is ringing very true for us right now. I have big plans for our new home. I’ve never decorated a placed I lived in so I am excited to do it in this house and really make it feel like home. I’ll make updates and post some before and afters as I work on each room.


Juliet is now 3 months! well actually about 3 1/2 months… She has developed so much in a short amount of time. I feel like the infant stage is over and we are getting to the fun stuff. She learned how to roll over so now every chance she gets she’s on her tummy which is making tummy time a lot more fun, or at least more tolerable. She’s holding things in her hand more and brings them up to her mouth. About a month ago she woke up from her morning nap and started this crazy cat/bird squawking. We realized she had found her voice and this lasted about a week, it was very entertaining. Now she babbles and does the meow/squawk but not as intense. Thank goodness.

I began teaching her baby signing. I kind of feel silly doing it but I am excited to see her learn new things so we are going to stick to it. I am starting with basics like mom, dad, milk, and “all done” for now to see how it goes. I’ll keep you all updated on how we are doing with this.

She finally took a bottle too. This is one thing that we really struggled with aside from her acid reflux. We didn’t introduce a bottle until about 2 months and it took a few weeks to find one that she would take. It was terrible watching her go from confused to flat out screaming as Dave tried to feed her.

I would say Dave and I are doing pretty well in our new roles. It is crazy to see where our lives have taken us in the last year and a half. I’ll be posting more on that as well as my new adventures in getting rid of baby weight, becoming a working mom, and finding my place in the roller derby world. I’m excited for the changes the next few months will bring.


Cues & Coos

Those are the two things that describe my first two months in my new role as mommy. I am learning so much about my little lady. I learned the hungry cry (which by the way shouldn’t really be happening because its more of a “I am starving” cry) from the overstimulated cry, or my not so favorite tummy ache cry. The first month was all about sleep. That was our priority around the Tirado house. Dave needed his sleep for work, Juliet was learning to sleep at night, and I was trying to get it anywhere I could. In the middle of this we moved to a new town and have been trying to get settled. There is a good amount to explore and lots of local establishments I am excited to start supporting.

The second month has been filled with cooing. I love the sound of Juliet smiling and “talking” to her dad in the next room. The two of them always light up when they see each other. A few days ago she giggled for the first time and it was the best sound in the world. Better than any song I’ve heard. I could listen to it all day. Two months also meant Juliet went for her check up and that also meant vaccines!
I was looking into the possibility of spreading them out and in the end I just had her get them all. It was terrible and I never want to hear that horrible cry again… But, guess what. We get to do it all again in 2-4 months. Yay. It wasn’t that bad after her crying stopped and the next couple days we just cuddled and slept a lot.
I don’t really have routine for her other than a bath at night and getting her to go to sleep by 9pm. This month I’m going to get her to sleep in her crib more and we need to get her to take a bottle since I’ll be returning to work part time in late August.
I’m so excited for the developments she making. She’s trying to roll over and her hand coordination has got a lot better; she’s been sucking on her hand and fingers. She got a playmat from her Tia so hopefully we’ll hear more of this happy baby’s giggles.